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​Permanent Lip Color

adds a natural-looking blush to your lips

A subtle lip stain that reveals the perfect lip shape.

With Permanent Lip Color, you can apply traditional lip glosses, lipstick,

or chapstick over your permanent lip color, or you can leave them

“untouched” for a beautiful and natural look that is always perfect.







At the time of your treatment, we will discuss the shape and color that you desire. 


We apply a topical numbing cream to the lips, which needs approximately 20 minutes to take effect. We use a medical-grade device to create the lip stain (all items that touch the skin are single-use and are discarded after the treatment). There is no downtime; however, the lips take about 2 weeks to heal.


Immediately following your treatment, the treated area will appear to be darker, bolder in color and more sharply defined. During the first week, your lips will feel tender and will peel like chapped lips. DO NOT pick at it. Allow the scab or dry skin to come off on its own. This is very important. If scabs come off prematurely, the pigment will come of with them. It is normal for your lips to flake and peel, this is not your lip color coming off. This can last up to a week after the treatment while the initial healing process takes place.


The complete healing process takes about 4-6 weeks, at which time the true color of the permanent lip color is evident. During this process, your permanent lip color will soften and lighten. Be patient even if you think too much color has been lost, as your skin is still regenerating and naturally exfoliating.



You will need a touch-up, which is included in the original price, within 90 days from your initial treatment to ensure perfect results. We use this session to make any small adjustments, if needed.


Results last for up to 2 years.





  • Apply A&D Ointment to the area twice a day, morning and night, for 4 days.

  • Do not apply makeup on the treated area for 4 days.

  • Apply cold packs or a cold washcloth over your lips for the duration of the first day and, if needed, into the second day, to relieve any discomfort.

  • Do not use soap, cleansing creams or chemicals on the treated area.



  • Do not expose the area to the sun, hot tub, or swimming pool.

  • Do not expose the area to the pressure of the water in the shower.

  • Do not rub or scratch the area.

  • Continue to apply cold packs or a cold washcloth over your lips to relieve any discomfort.



We recommend a touch-up every 1 to 5 years after the initial treatment to ensure that your lip color will continue to look fresh and beautiful. Minor changes in shape can also be made to the original results. Please call our office for pricing. 


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